About Us

Beach Kidz was formed in 2010….

While teaching learn to swim to preschoolers and babies,  Ange Johnston (Founder of Beach Kidz Preschool Beach Programme Ltd) was spending a lot of time in discussions with parents around wanting a beach activity on one of their local beaches that would encourage active play and water safety for their younger children.   

From this point, Beach Kidz was formed, trialled and the fun began!

Our Beach Kidz Instructors have a range of relevant experience in early childhood education and/or swimming instruction for toddlers and/or surf lifesaving.  All staff are First Aid qualified.


What we are all about!

Beach Kidz is a unique programme designed for children two, three, four & five years of age.  Based on learning through play and having fun in a safe and supportive environment.

Offering a range of activities to encourage and support area such as: active play, water confidence and safety, fundamental skills, sensory play, spatial awareness, creative and imaginary play, team participation and confidence building. 

Children learn through play, however they also gain confidence with the trust of a parent, caregiver or teacher, allowing them to feel safe, relaxed and happy when tying, learning or developing a new skill or activity.  A happy child will play, which leads to a child learning.

Beach Kidz is a programme that encourages ‘active families’ allowing parents/caregivers to be involved in their child’s learning.  There are activities in which a parent/caregiver does not need to play an active role, however with preschooler aged children, a simple instruction can go astray so having a parent/caregiver still present within the activity will help to encourage and support the child.  It also to allow us to educate both the children and caregiver the importance of ‘active supervision’ and ‘being in arms reach’ when in and around water.  Our programme is so much fun for everyone, it allows the families a time to bond and share experiences that can quite easily slip on by these days with our busy lifestyles. 

While enrolled in Beach Kidz over the summer months, we encourage families to continue with swimming lessons in a pool environment, this allows Beach Kidz to become a support programme, encouraging water safety and water confidence in and around all water environments.

By bringing swimming skills and water confidence from a pool environment to a beach (lake or river) our programme helps to transfer those skills over with confidence and be able to use them along with learn new skills to help their understanding of being safe in and around water.

Classes and activities are based around key learning's for preschool aged children. Fundamental skills, water confidence and safety, spatial awareness, team involvement and being active are present in all our activities.  Over time through repetitive play we see many encouraging signs of progression within the children as they learn new skills and abilities.  We allow them to learn at their own pace and in their own time.

We love to enjoy our coastline where there is unlimited opportunities to learn and explore, and have fun in the sun.

Come and join us this Summer!