What we are all about!

Established in 2010, Beach Kidz was developed to provide a programme that encourages the health & wellbeing of families in our community.

Beach Kidz allows parents/caregivers to be involved in their child’s learning by promoting active play in an aquatic environment helping families to exercise and live healthy active lifestyles.

Our programme is a fun environment for children to enjoy learning at their own time and pace, offering them opportunities to engage in learnings such as fundamental skills, sensory play, spatial awareness, creative and imaginary play, team participation and confidence building.

We offer a supportive and safe programme to teach water confidence and water safety behaviours to children by learning through play while in and around water.
We provide knowledge and support young families to continue to enjoy aquatic environments safely together.

Beach Kidz contributes to and is a supportive programme for drowning prevention in New Zealand.

Over the years Beach Kidz has become so much more than a beach safety programme. It’s become a favourite activity for many families - igniting a love and confidence for the beach, excitement for learning, and giving them a weekly date together where phones and outside pressures are forgotten. 

Our programme is a safe, fun and active environment for everyone, giving families an opportunity to learn, bond and share experiences together.  

We can’t wait for you and your family to join us!


Want to know what to expect in our classes? Fun, fun for everyone!

Our programme is built around learning through play - a philosophy backed by growing evidence that play is beneficial for life-long learning and creating connections in a child’s brain.

In our classes this looks like:

• Activities that use a mixture of physical and mental skills.
• The ability to learn at each child’s individual pace & time.
• One-to-one caregiver-to-child ratio, supporting caregiver envolvement is required to help the children feel safe and comfortable.
• Creativity, exploration and fun in a safe and supportive environment.
• Repetition of activities encouraging progression of new skills and abilities, and so children can feel achievement when they ‘get it’.
• Making beach and water safety and enjoyable experience rather than scary or overwhelming one.